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Divisional Facts and Initiatives

The Division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) touches nearly every aspect of the Michigan State University campus by providing support and auxiliary services to MSU students, the campus community and guests. Comprised of six departments, the division’s goal is to deliver outstanding Spartan experiences in all its endeavors by following a core set of values that guides all business practices and decisions.

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Completed Projects

In a continued effort to advance the university's culture of high performance, the division is frequently involved in university-wide projects and initiatives.

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RHS Division Organization

Residential and Hospitality Services

The Division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) reports to Auxiliary Enterprises and encompasses the following departments along with the offices of Human Resources, Communications, Assessment, Strategic Initiatives, the Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises Vennie Gore, Chief Lean Performance Officer and the Chief Financial Officer.


Culinary Services

As one of the largest self-operated university food service systems in the nation, Culinary Services strives to nourish, inspire and enrich the Michigan State University (MSU) community through culinary excellence in campus dining halls, Sparty’s convenience shops, numerous retail locations, an award-winning food truck, MSU Concessions, MSU Bakers and more.

Residence Education and Housing Services

Residence Education and Housing Services (REHS) focuses on a variety of areas that impact students’ overall on-campus living experience. REHS manages 27 residence halls and two apartment communities and focuses on student engagement and development, intercultural learning and inclusion, safety and security of residents, and sustainable practices.

  • Residence Halls and Apartments Live-in Staff
  • Housing Assignments
  • Service Centers
  • Campus Resources Referral
  • Residence Education
  • Student Development
  • Community Development

Auxiliary Enterprises

Auxilary Enterprises (AE) is committed to providing the ultimate in guest services and satisfaction while creating loyal customers for the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. AE also serves the broader mission of the university by assisting in economic development opportunities both around the state and locally in the mid-Michigan region.

Information Services

Information Services (IS) provides technical support, training, customized software and marketing services to the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS). IS ensures RHS units are able to execute daily business by managing major computer programs and divisional servers, software licenses, RHS email and more.

  • Creative Services
  • Business Support
  • Hardware Support
  • IT Training
  • Time Clock Support
  • Project Management
  • Transaction Services and Devices
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Email Administration
  • Backup Services
  • Data Security
  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Identity Management
  • Video Security
  • Software Support

Planning and Projects Office

The Planning and Projects Office (PPO) provides services to the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS). The team is experienced with ADA, LEED, health and fire codes, and ergonomic guidelines. PPO has comprehensive experience in space planning, project management and contractor relations.

Mission and Vision

As an integral component of a world-class research university, Residential and Hospitality Services is woven throughout the very fabric of the MSU community.

We are built on a foundation of integrity, service and effectiveness. We believe in creating and delivering unequalled experiences, products and services to the students and many guests of Michigan State University.

We believe in a culture of learning and inclusive collaboration. We are a stronger organization when all team members feel valued and respected, and our differences and similarities are celebrated.

Our Values

Our vision and mission will be realized by adhering to the following values:


Commitment to Student and Guest Experience: We are committed to exceeding the expectations of the diverse community we serve.

Quality Throughout: In everything we do - from beginning to end - we will be passionate about delivering an outstanding Spartan experience that meets the unique and individual needs of our customers.

Social Responsibility: We will care about and actively work to address social issues, such as employment, environment and the human condition, that will define this world’s future.

Culture of Safety: We will create and maintain an environment that is physically and emotionally safe, respectful and inclusive.


Strategic Thinking: As individuals and as teams, we will pursue excellence in strategic thought.

A Mindset of Innovation: We will be an organization that appreciates and learns from the past, while keeping our focus on the future.

Fiscal Responsibility: Smart decisions for future success, based on quality information and our values, will guide the actions of our entire organization.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: As individuals and collectively, we are committed to a mindset of inclusive and equitable practices. We will work toward creating an environment free of harm based on a person’s identity.


Spirit of Partnership: Within our division and in the university community, we commit to a spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness where all perspectives, beliefs and experiences are valued.  

Teamwork and Inclusion: We will succeed individually only when we are passionate about prospering as a diverse and inclusive team that is committed to equity.

Staff Development: We will be an organization dedicated to continuous learning and the development of team members. We will provide and support quality, accessible, and inclusive learning opportunities and encourage all team members to take advantage of them.

Effective Communication: We will strive for organizational clarity through civil, honest, open, accurate and timely two-way communication.