The sustainability efforts of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) encompass the divisional value of caring today about the things that will define the future. The Division of RHS supports the sustainability mission of Michigan State University (MSU) and is focused on increasing awareness and driving behavior change with the ultimate goals of reducing greenhouse emissions, reducing energy consumption and conserving water through innovative and balanced strategies that support stewardship, fiscal responsibility and partnership.


    Dedication to promoting and advancing environmental stewardship throughout RHS and MSU by providing a high level of leadership to meet the environmental stewardship goals of MSU and RHS. 

    RHS Initiatives

    Clean Plates at State

    Clean Plates at State is an RHS Culinary Services food waste program that helps put environmental sustainability into perspective for campus dining hall students and guests. The program seeks to reduce the amount of food waste on campus through education initiatives and a recurring food waste audit at each residential dining location. 

    The 2019 program launches on Sept. 19 at Holden Dining Hall. If you’re interested in making a difference, volunteer two hours of your time to help educate students, faculty and staff on the importance of sustainability efforts and food waste prevention. 

    Learn more about the 2019 Clean Plates at State audit

    Pack Up. Pitch In.

    Pack Up. Pitch In. is an RHS Residence Education and Housing Services initiative that encourages MSU students to turn their unwanted items into valuable resources for area charities. By increasing the visibility and capacity of recycling options during the beginning and end of each semester, the division is able to help divert materials from landfills. 

    Learn more about REHS sustainability initiatives

    Our Impact

    In RHS, we strive to ensure MSU's long-term sustainability through innovative and balanced strategies that support stewarship, fiscal responsibility and partnership. For more information about our impact, visit the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center's website

    Other MSU sustainable strategies supported by the division:


    Need more information regarding our sustainable practices in the residence halls, dining halls and retail?
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