RHS Students Recognized in Broad Exhibit

Acts of Care Exhibit Wall

During the past several months, the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide civil unrest surrounding systemic racism have put our daily routines on pause. During this era of uncertainty, many Spartans have stepped up to provide help around the MSU community in different ways. “Acts of Care” is one of the newest installations at Michigan State’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. It was created to display appreciation for those who have provided extra help.

Residence Education and Housing Services Housing Manager Suzette Babcock nominated four of her student Housing Assignments Office assistants who are currently being recognized at the museum: Sophia Gibson, Gabriel Reed-Adams, Max Robinson and Anna Shaw.

Babcock explains that all four of these students went above and beyond last semester as the impact of COVID-19 hit Michigan State University. Classes were switched from in-person to online, students were going home and much was left uncertain. “These assistants held the weight of the call center by working every day answering phone calls about everything from Culinary to financial aid,” said Babcock. “We went from receiving about 100 calls a week to 600 calls a week during this time.”  

The "Acts of Care" exhibit is made of photo panels displaying submitted community members and their contributions. Both grand and small, gestures of care take on many different forms. The display consists of frontline workers, students, neighbors and teachers. Anyone who has gone out of their way to show support for others at this time qualifies to be recognized in the project.

The “Acts of Care” project is currently on display at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum without a set end date. Nominations for this project are ongoing and will be accepted on a rolling basis. For further information on the display, visit broadmuseum.msu.edu/exhibitions/acts-of-care.