Information Services Becomes AE Digital Strategies and Services

Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) and MSU IT are piloting a new model for how IT support will be collaboratively managed. As a part of the new model, Information Services will become AE Digital Strategies and Services (DSS). 

This new model:

  • Ensures consistent IT policies and practices and practices across the university
  • Empowers RHS to focus on delivering outstanding Spartan experiences with additional support through access to MSU IT's expertise and resources
  • Further solidifies the partnership between RHS and MSU IT
  • Builds upon the shared interest in the collective success and advancement of MSU's mission, vision, and goals

Providing leadership with this effort is Interim Director of Digital Strategy and Services Denise Ngubeni. As interim director, Ngubeni manages the following units within DSS:

  • Strategic Integration Group
  • Solutions Engineering and Leadership Team
  • Transaction Management Team
  • Systems Engineering Team (previously Infrastructure & Security)
  • Technology Support Team
  • RHS Help Support Desk
  • RHS Access Management
  • Business Strategy

At his time, there are no additional changes anticipated for the AE or IT teams affected by this agreement, and there will be no impact to staff duties or day-to-day activities.