Supporting the Student Experience

Published On: March 30, 2018

Residential and Hospitality Services is a diverse, inclusive division. We employ thousands of people,
encompassing units all over campus, all working together to build outstanding Spartan experiences.
With every new project, we strive to include RHS team members from every unit and level. By
focusing first on “who” makes up each project team, and then “what” the project is, we create an
environment where we can all learn from each other. Our most important asset is making sure we
have the right people for every project, and RHS is full of exceptional people at all levels. From the
annual Diversity Report, to our most recent project 1855 Place, working in such an inclusive manner
makes our projects better. We are proud to involve various members who have a wide range of
viewpoints and touch points with our students and guests. It’s that inclusive nature that makes us
so successful.

— Vennie Gore, Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises