Success at AUID Design Competition for RHS Interior Designers

Published On: November 14, 2017

The Association of University Interior Designers (AUID) provides a network and resource for the sharing of information and the management of interior design work at institutions of higher education. Every year, the AUID offers a design competition, providing an opportunity for university designers’ work to be evaluated by practicing interior designer peers working in the field. Two of RHS’ interior designers, Linda Luoma and Ashley Latinen, submitted their work and received first and second place awards, respectively.

The competition has four renovation categories including “Renovation under $50,000,” “Renovation $50,000-$150,000,” “Renovation $150,000-$500,000” and “Renovation over $500,000.” There are also categories for “New Construction” and “Specialty” projects. Awards for the competition were given at AUID’s annual conference at Washington University in St. Louis, which took place Oct. 9-13.

RHS Interior Design Linda Luoma received first place in the “Specialty” category for the Owen Riverwalk Market Mural. This project shared the first-place designation with the Grasselli Library Hallway Flooring by Kris Willis at John Carroll University.

The dining hall in Owen had a dull, dark-gray walk previous to the colorful pop-art themed mural’s installation. This project was intended to make the booth-seating area of the market more engaging. In addition to the mural, the backs of the booths were covered with a bamboo veneer to match the existing bamboo walls.

There were eight submissions for the “Specialty” category. Luoma also submitted the 1855 Place project to the “New Construction” category.

RHS Interior Designer Ashley Latinen’s Tennis Locker Room project received a second-place award in the “Renovation $150,000-$500,000” category. The project shared the second place designation with the Maker Hub at Downtown renovation by Holly Hodge at Elon University.

The Tennis Locker Room renovation project was intended to update the shared varsity and public locker rooms of the MSU Tennis Center to create a more inviting and invigorating space for the teams and public to enjoy. As a shared environment, the outdated 1,500-square-foot locker rooms needed to provide personalization for the men’s and women’s tennis teams while also creating a comfortable space for the public to use.

The project involved special features including a custom-made carpet containing an elaborate Spartan helmet design. A custom graphic mural depicting the program’s historic accomplishments was created to offer a sense of Spartan pride. The renovation incorporated the university logo, mascot and color palettes to bring the facility up to speed with the rest of athletics spaces on campus. 

This new, spirited environment delivers comfort, security and personalization of the locker rooms. The project features updates that were requested by the public, including individual shower stalls, towel collection and more secure locker space.

There were twelve submissions for the “Renovation $150,000-$500,000” category, including Latinen’s submission of the new movie theater in Wonders Hall. She also submitted the main floor student lounge renovation for the “Renovation $50,000-$150,000” category.

The prize-winning Riverwalk Market Mural