State Police Post Redevelopment named 1855 Place

1855 place building rendering
Published On: December 17, 2015

The on-campus apartment-style living community that has been referred to as the State Police Post Redevelopment has had its new name approved by the MSU Board of Trustees. Henceforth, the State Police Post Redevelopment will be known as 1855 Place.

The name 1855 Place was selected out of a number of name options that were reviewed by students during focus group sessions. It pays homage to the 160th birthday of Michigan State University, as the university was originally founded in 1855.

The word place was strategically chosen to epitomize that the new community will be more than just a housing complex. Rather, it will blossom into an on-campus destination where students and the MSU community at large will gather to engage, work, play and grow together.

The construction of 1855 Place is expected to be completed in fall 2017. Phase I of the project, which involves the completion of parking space renovations and the inclusion of family housing, is scheduled to be finished in fall 2016.

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