RHS Student Employees Spend Summers Growing

RHS Creative Services Students
Published On: July 22, 2019

When summer vacation hits, Michigan State University’s Spartans scatter in a number of directions. Some travel to other cities for internship opportunities while some spend time at home. For others, Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) remains their home base during the summer months.

RHS currently employs an average of 3,400 student team members throughout the summer in various roles across the division.

David Bauer III, worked over the summer of 2018 in Human Resources as a member of the Culinary Services and Retail Services’ Onboarding Team and gained experience in a career field he’s grown to love.

“I started working at Sparty’s in the late summer of 2017 and really quickly moved into Human Resources working on the onboarding and hiring team for all of retail services,” Bauer says. “I hire for all six units.”

Over the summer, Bauer worked hiring events in cities such as Troy, Detroit and Ann Arbor.

“Working in the summer is a large opportunity to show off RHS as a whole,” says Bauer, a graduating senior studying theatre management and nonprofit management.

Miranda Tolsma, a graduating advertising senior spent her summer working as a student graphic designer in Creative Services. Her hours were dedicated to designing pieces for Live On, Culinary Services, the MSU Union and the University Activities Board (UAB).

“Being able to work a full 40 hours over the summer is so nice,” Tolsma says. “Plus, I was living in Charlotte, Michigan so it was super close and convenient.”

Since Tolsma was hired at the end of her spring semester and used the summer to establish a rhythm in her new role, adding classes to the mix felt comfortable.

“If I hadn’t worked for RHS over the summer, I would have jumped into a new job in the fall,” Tolsma says. “And I think that with new classes would have been a lot to take on at once. I had this period to adjust and get used to my job and the new responsibilities, so when fall semester classes started, I knew what was going on.”

Working for RHS over the summer, allowed both Bauer and Tolsma the opportunity to get closer with colleagues and fellow student team members.

“I really like building relationships where I’m at in the moment,” Bauer says. “I always live by the saying, ‘Know where your feet are,’ which means keeping and maintaining the relationships I have.”

During winter, spring and summer breaks, students are able to work up to 40 hours a week, allowing them more time with their team. During the fall and spring semesters, students are limited to 29 hours per week.

Overall, Tolsma and Bauer’s summer employment with RHS proved rewarding as they pursue careers in their respective fields.

“I will never forget the helpful feedback I’ve gotten from RHS full-time employees and will always be more critical of my design choices moving forward in my career as a graphic designer,” Tolsma says.

RHS student employees not only impact their respective units during summer employment, they also help change other students’ on-campus job experiences.

“I only see these students in the beginning process. I’m interviewing them, doing their paperwork and sometimes orientating them to their job,” Bauer says. “But then I don’t see them again afterward. So whenever I visit a Sparty’s site or I go to basketball game and I see the student successful and working, I think, ‘I was a part of their journey to being successful in retail.’”