RHS Looks to Initiate, Celebrate and Elevate State

Published On: January 13, 2020

Like many top organizations and companies, Michigan State University (MSU) holds a high standard for its team members, faculty and staff. In order to introduce DOSE (delivering outstanding Spartan experiences) properly and keep maintaining an exceptional reputation, the division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) developed two new programs: Initiate State and Elevate State. Initiate State acts as an onboarding program for new team members, introducing them to the division and its values. Elevate State builds upon topics explored in RHS’ Celebrate State program, a quarterly program that introduces the concept of Service Excellence. As a whole, these three programs ensure team members enrich the lives and lift the spirits of our Spartan family.

Last August, RHS introduced the division’s new onboarding program for all student, on-call, temporary and regular team members, titled Initiate State. This program is the first step in creating a consistent learning modules to welcome new team members to the division and to help them learn about the RHS culture and expectations of service excellence. Since the initial launch 1,568 new RHS team members have attended the program.

Celebrate State, the second step, now sits in the center of the three programs and is dedicated to creating a spirit of partnership and collaboration that promotes a service mindset for all team members. 

Elevate State is the last step: guest service training with a focus on making interpersonal connections with the Spartan family (team members, residents and guests). The program provides RHS team members with additional skill development and tools and fosters team member engagement in order to enhance divisional culture. Since the program launched, 445 RHS regular and temporary team members have attended, with more sessions planned for 2020. In total, more than 2,000 RHS team members have attended one of the three service excellence programs. 

Training Program Developer Cathy Lugibihl works with a number of team members who facilitate these workshops. Lugibihl says, “High performing organizations never settle for the status quo.” 

Many attendees enjoy the new programs and noticed how they’ve helped greatly with their understanding of MSU’s strive for excellence.

One team member who recently participated in Celebrate State said, ““Thank you so much to all the facilitators who took the time out of their personal career o support our initiative. You all DOSE’D!” 

An Elevate State participant shared, “[It was a] good use of time creating healthy, welcoming environments. Work can be hard, but creating welcoming places is critical.” 

RHS team members strive to make a comfortable, ever growing environment for the Spartan family. By spreading knowledge and always aiming to deliver outstanding Spartan experiences, team members only continue to strive for excellence and make a more home-like environment for all of MSU’s community members.