Planning and Projects Office Winter Projects

Published On: January 19, 2018

The Division of Residential and Hospitality Services’ Planning and Projects Office (PPO) keeps busy throughout the year with anywhere from 100 to 150 projects at any given time. That work does not stop when students go home. In fact, in intensifies, especially when considering the maintenance work needed in the residence and dining halls during this time.

“This is a good time to get these projects done because most of the RHS operations are either closed or at reduced capacity,” said Bill Whitbeck, project coordinator for PPO. “The shortened time frame for these projects, usually three to four weeks, requires a lot of planning with vendors, contractors and PPO customers.”

The winter projects for the recent break began Monday, Dec. 18, 2017. Projects were spearheaded by RHS Project Managers Mark Bowling and Bob Meyer and RHS Interior Designer II Tanya Zhuravlev.

Bowling and RHS Interior Designer Ashley Latinen worked together to redesign the Case and Wonders halls’ floor study lounges. According to Bowling, they added new furniture in all the lounges and Wi-Fi in the Wonders lounges.

“Both buildings will have a ‘Quiet Lounge’ and a ‘Social Lounge’ on each floor,” stated Latinen. “The quiet lounges will have tables and chairs for individual and group work. The social lounges will have more soft seating and TVs for socializing. We are providing white boards, TVs in the social lounges and fresh paint.”

Bob Meyer managed a couple of projects regarding flooring near elevators in Holmes and the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center.

“We also put in new sinks in the restrooms at the Indoor Tennis facility and replaced a broken section of counter in a bathroom in Mason,” said Meyer who also managed the installation of a bathtub liner in a student room in Landon.

Zhuravlev oversaw the Wilson Hall lobby update. Wilson Hall is one of three halls that house the Engineering Core Experience First Year Program. The College of Engineering Cornerstone and Residential Experience (CoRe) program partners with a variety of corporate organizations who support themed floors in the residence halls. According to Zhuravlev, Consumers Energy planned to completely remodel all of their corporate-themed space on the second Floor of Wilson Hall.

Zhuravelv also worked to update the signage in Holden Hall.

“We replaced all of the directories and map holders for the lower level and first floor,” she explained. “We also added ceiling flags to help guide visitors and students to the engagement center, central service desk, restrooms, dining room, Residential Housing Association, Impact 89 and classrooms.”

Bowling and Meyer also led the winter dining hall repairs. Repairs ranged from replacing drain pipes in The Vista at Shaw, to replacing sneeze guards in Holden Dining Hall. In addition to those repairs, the team improved the lighting in the gluten-free areas at South Pointe at Case. Brody Square repairs included adding a prep sink to the Cayenne venue and adding new storage and staging cabinets to the salad bar.

 “Some of the other things we accomplished over break include painting a few offices,” stated Bowling. “[We] did lots of painting in just about every dining hall to keep them looking fresh and bright, replaced the ceiling in the pizza venue in The Gallery dining area, and started the third phase of the Hubbard Hall brick restoration/window replacement.”

The majority of projects were completed by Jan. 5, 2018, while a couple received their finishing touches the week of Jan. 8, 2018 as students returned to campus.

The Planning and Projects Office team works year-round to make sure projects are successfully completed on time, within budget and in a way that ensures MSU spaces are fit to deliver outstanding Spartan experiences for students and guests. Stop by any of the above mentioned locations to appreciate the team’s hard work.

Pictured above: Renvoations to Wilson Hall
Photo Credit: Tanya Zhuravelv