MSU Tennis Center Hosts ITA Midwest Regional

Published On: November 4, 2016

This year, SHG’s very own MSU Tennis Center hosted the ITA Midwest Tennis Regional from Thursday, Oct. 20 to Tuesday, Oct. 25. The tournament consisted of 24 Midwest women’s division I tennis teams and concluded in University of Michigan winning the doubles tournament, as well as two individuals from Michigan advancing to the National Indoor Tournament, which takes place Nov. 3 in Flushing Meadows, New York.

This regional tournament goes up for bid annually, and any school interested in hosting is required to put in an application a year in advance. The last time MSU hosted this event was six years ago, but as soon as the tennis center heard the good news, they got to work. The courts were washed, banners were hung, staffing was put in place, the bathrooms and food were restocked, the cleaning crew was informed, and the tournament desk was set up.

Not only was the tournament an excellent source of exposure for the Tennis Center, it allowed the MSU tennis team to play in front of their fans, without the expense or stress of travel. Plus, it makes for a wonderful opportunity for the division to shine.

MSU Tennis Center Manager Heather MacTaggart said, "From a facilities perspective, it brings a lot of people in that might not have been here. It’s an opportunity to expose what we have to not only MSU, but we are open to the public so everyone in the community.”