Student Team Member Heroes: Meaghan Demski

Student Team Member Heroes: Meaghan Demski
Published On: January 6, 2020

You walk into the MSU Union and feel the day wearing on you. That chemistry lecture was excruciating, and those readings in the syllabus from your IAH were dry. You heard that there were new venues in the Union Food Court, so you decide to give it a shot, hoping this will be the highlight of your day. Besides, who doesn’t crave some midweek mac and chicken tenders?

Once your card is scanned, you look around, shocked! You see the brand new Union Food Court. The designs that adorn each new venue are cooler, brighter and more appealing! Street Tacos has an urban, punk theme, The Roost, a cute rooster engraving and Unbelieva-BOWL is just flat out clever with the little leaf growing off of the B and the rest of the word stretching into a bowl-like shape.

You want to know who’s responsible.

The answer is Residential and Housing Services (RHS) Creative Services student graphic designers! And chances are this is far from the only design work you’ve seen on campus produced by Creative Services’ students.

Team member, Meaghan Demski, is a current graphic design intern at RHS Creative Services Department housed in campus’ 1855 Place. Last spring, she had been looking for a position that could offer her more experience in her graphic design major.

“I actually heard about it from a friend who worked in the department, and I found the posting on the RHS jobs website,” says Demski.

After reading the description, she recognized this was an exceptional opportunity, and went for it.

“I liked the idea of making promotional material for the university,” says Demski.

She was elated when she got the job, and she’s been enjoying it ever since!

“I’ve been working since May 2019. I haven’t received any promotional opportunities yet, but I’m looking forward to when they come up,” says Demski.

Working for RHS, students and team members know that school comes first, and so RHS is very flexible. Not only that, RHS team members are always challenging and pushing their students to do their best and step outside their comfort zones. Demski enjoys what this position has offered so far.

“The variety of work that I get and the flexibility with my schedule are my favorite parts,” says Demski.

Because RHS team members want you to succeed, they provide excellent mentorship, which Demski loves. Full-time Creative Services Graphic Designers Linda Beach (her supervisor) and Libby Singh often give her advice and constructive criticism that allows her work to grow and become better.

“I would say both the other students and full-time members of the creative team help guide the direction of a project and push me to try different solutions,” says Demski.

Demski notes that through this position, she has expanded her horizons as far as people she knows throughout campus and has formed new friendships. This position helped her get to know people, especially outside of her major.

“I’ve met a lot of students outside of my degree, and this was great because I only see graphic design majors most of the time. Most of my coworkers have become close friends,” says Demski.

Summer and semester breaks are great opportunities for students to really hone in on their skills and get more working hours as they are allowed to work upwards of 40 hours per week when classes are not in session. During the summer, student team members really get to work closely together, and the workplace can become a productive and fun environment.

“Summer would probably be the best time. I remember some of the smaller meetings, like our brainstorming sessions were really enjoyable,” says Demski.

With all of the hands-on training Demski has received working as a graphic design intern, she reflects on what she has learned and how all of this could help her get a head start with her career. There are some important skills she has acquired that will definitely get her foot in the door.

“This job has really taught me professional communication skills and time management with projects,” says Demski.

Knowing how much she enjoys her job, Demski recommends working on campus for any student. It has helped her accomplish many goals, and this is only just the beginning.

“They’re [on-campus jobs] great! An on-campus job is probably the most beneficial to have while a student simply because RHS works with you and your schedule and they have great opportunities,” says Demski.

As a junior, Meaghan has more than a year and a half worth of experience to continue to gain throughout her time working in Creative Services. She’s excited to see how what she has and will continue to learn here at RHS applies to her career following graduation.

The next RHS Hiring Fair takes place Jan. 16 in the MSU Union main floor lobby from 4-6 p.m. Stop by, and take a look at available jobs at