Mackenzie Fritz Published in Journal of Leadership Education

Published On: March 27, 2017

Associate Director of REHS for Academic Initiatives, Student Behavior and Leadership Mackenzie Fritz was recently published in the Journal of Leadership Education.

Co-authored by Kathy Guthrie, an associate professor at Florida State University, Fritz's paper, entitled "Values Clarification: Essential for Leadership Learning," appears in the January 2017 issue. As the abstract explains, the paper discusses "Values clarification ... a dynamic process in which people come to understand what they individually view as important in their lives by placing a name or label to what one values. This process commonly occurs during the traditional college years and is a critical component of leadership education."

Specifically, the study "examined how junior-level undergraduate students clarify their values in the environment of a series of leadership courses at a large, Research I institution in the southeastern United States."  

"Values Clarification: can be read in its entirety by clicking HERE.