Facebook Parents & Guardians Group Supports Students’ On-campus Experience

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Published On: January 9, 2020

Facebook, one of the longest-standing social media platforms that allows people to communicate in a myriad of ways, is a place to connect, make friends, start something new and ask questions. 

In order to best support students acclimating to college life, REHS thought it would be a great idea to start a Facebook parent group! This group popped up in 2019 and has been booming ever since. The page is officially named Housing & Dining at Michigan State -- Parents and Guardians. In this group, parents ask each other questions about all aspects of campus life and get better insight on their students’ experience here at Michigan State University. The resource is especially designed to support the parents of freshmen and/or transfer students. Interestingly enough, this is not the first parent Facebook group here at MSU; it is the second. The first was named Parents of Michigan State Class of 2022, and while it was still intended questions regarding living and dining, a lot of repetition in posts was beginning to happen. 

Residence Education and Housing Services Communications Manager Katie Nye oversees this page. Following the trial run for the Class of 2022 page, she pitched it would be a better idea to, rather than having multiple pages dedicated to individual class standings, offer one page where parents and family members from various classes could ask similar questions. Nye said, “With the original group, we quickly realized that parents had a lot of questions about MSU and we did not have the capacity to answer them all. Having a stricter focus has made this group much more manageable.” 

Another change addressed who the group is hosted by. Nye said, “This group is hosted by a new Housing and Dining Parents Page rather than the Live On page the original group was hosted by. Doing this has allowed us to have more moderators and not compromise the security of the Live On Facebook page.” With this, some of the weight is taken off Nye and her team and allows for a better flow of questions and answers to occur so parents are responded to quickly and efficiently and left satisfied and with a clear mind. 

For all of MSU’s concerned or curious parents, this is an excellent way to get feedback and keep up with the community!