Culinary Services team members present at NACUFS

Published On: July 13, 2016

Several MSU Culinary Services (CS) team members presented interest sessions to colleagues during the recent NACUFS conference July 13–16 in Anaheim, Calif.

In the Culinary and Nutrition Track, Cheryl Berry, CS marketing and communications manager, and Carla Iansiti, RHS sustainability officer, shared information on menu diversity, helping students understand where their food comes from, the importance of seasonality and how it affects menu planning. The Midwest Best — Celebrating Local dinner held at South Pointe at Case Hall in April 2016 will be used to showcase how interactive activities brought real-life topics to the table, giving students a hands-on approach to what “local” really means.

CS has established more than 150 local and 300 regional partnerships to help source as close to East Lansing as possible. To further support its partners, CS highlighted Michigan-made products at the dinner event and had several on-campus producers and vendors on hand to tell their story and educate the campus community.

Additionally, CS staff shared innovative ideas in the Operations, Administration and Planning Track. Chet Magaway, CS human resources manager, and Jessica Reichel, CS student human resources manager, presented on MSU’s process to assess units and operational structure to help create the ideal staffing model for part-time team members. After years of creating schedules in a vacuum (based on the previous year’s numbers), the team needed to develop labor ratios and ensure effective utilization of resources.

The department is continuously looking toward the future and evolving its staffing plan to maximize efficiency and maintain quality service. CS is also committed to helping employees achieve personal success through a supportive social environment that fosters the development of essential career skills.

The CS staff is pleased to have the opportunity to network with colleagues and support the professional development of hundreds of institutions and industry members who are experts in collegiate foodservice.