Chef Kurt Receives High Honor from American Culinary Federation

Published On: April 23, 2018

At a recent American Culinary Federation (ACF) ChefConnect regional conference, Culinary Services (CS) Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski received one of the highest honors bestowed by the organization.

The Cutting Edge Award recognizes innovators who give their time to help further others on behalf of the ACF. In addition to being current on industry trends, nominees fulfill a minimum monthly volunteer hour threshold and dedicate time on behalf of the organization to industry-related programs or causes. “It means a lot to get recognized by many chefs that I know in the industry,” Kwiatkowski remarked. “It brought a unique sense of value and recognition to what we do here at MSU.”

For many years, Chef Kurt has assisted with ACF events, shared knowledge through presentations on a wide variety of topics, judged and competed in ACF cooking challenges, and continued to push himself to help forge the culinary industry toward the future.

Reflecting back, he shared that the award speaks to everything he’s involved in outside a normal work day. “Whether it’s volunteering at a culinary school, assisting with a group of Pro Start students, or doing a live cooking demonstration at a local farmers market to share skills with the community, I feel fortunate to be able to represent MSU and not only talk about what we do, but show people the great things we’re accomplishing.”