RHS By The Numbers

The Assessment Office works to create a culture of assessment and research within the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. The office provides leadership for divisional assessment activities as well as collaborates with staff to use data informed decision-making methods and identify and develop best practices.

Below is an example of results from an Assessment Office survey taken by incoming students. The information collected is used to inform and influence future decisions and methods.

  • Fall 2015 Incoming Students Infographic
  • Fall 2015 Incoming Students Infographic
  • 2015 Move In Survey Infographic


The RHS Scorecard is a summary capturing divisional information that helps inform decisions that enhance the division’s strategic objectives and feeds into the overarching goal of delivering outstanding Spartan experiences. Not all goals can be measured in dollars, so this tool allows the division to quantify other goals and administer periodic reviews of the division's progress.

Example data of what can be found at scorecard.rhs.msu.edu 

occupancy history fall of 2015